A Gallery of Rooster Foozle Propaganda!

Well, this here chicken's got a lotta supporters out there in the real world--folks discontent with the no good politicin' we're seein' on them screens. I feel ya, friends, and not in that gross Donald Trump kinda way, but in my own empathetic rooster-man way. Anyhoo, some foozle been keepin' themselves busy makin' some might gosh … Continue reading A Gallery of Rooster Foozle Propaganda!

My first fan song…

Ya'll, I'm moved. I got me some musical constituents, and they kindly like to express themselves by strummin' and singin'. I's hopin' fer some banjo, I'll admit. Maybe next time. Song: "Vote for Rooster to Heal the USA" Artist: Johnny ThreeChords and the Minor Fall