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We’ve set up our very own political action community, just for de- and re-mystifyin’ an already stupifyin’ political situation. Bad, bad, bad ole Grumpf and mean ole mean Mr. Trump require all manner of mockery and ridicule. We aim to help the cause.


There are very few laws governin’ what a PAC can do with its money (we can’t coordinate with them candidates, basically). We’d ask for donations anyhow, but seein’ as how PACs are up-settin’ the whole dern system, we decided we’d start one to mess with that system. It’s real easy, and free to boot! Ya’ll oughtta start your own.

What’ll we do with your money?

We’ll fund this site, and we’ll keep makin’ fun of politicin’ folk.

Help the Rooster! (Seriously: we’d love to pay our contributors, ya know, keep the site runnin’, etc)

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