I’d like to see his birth certificate.

Barack Obama

Rooster Foozle is a loser. He’s not a real man. A real man wears my ties and eats my steaks. He’s got no stamina. He probably sits in a barn all day smoking weed.

Donald Trump

I know you will all say that Rooster Foozle has never taken corporate money. But I ask you, has he been offered it?

Hillary Clinton

Rooster Foozle is the candidate we all need, and the one we probably deserve.

Bernie Foozle

Rooster Foozle has cured my hemorrhoids, improved my sex life, and rotated my tires.

A Concerned Citizen

Stop clucking around with this and help with the chicks.

Ms. Foozle

The most thought-provoking thing in our thought-provoking time is: why do we have Rooster Foozle?


Some folks are upset by your new campaign meme. They say you can’t be serious and say ‘cock’, even if you’re talking about rooster politics. I’m worried you’re too edgy to win any kind of office. Think of the children!


Squirrel Foozle

I liked u 4 a sec, but u r dum.

former twitter follower

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